Chocolate Protein Balls

Our Snacks Are All Made With Your Mental Health In Mind

Chocolate anything is delicious, but honestly, chocolate protein balls, are just a game-changer. Finding a chocolate protein snack that doesn’t have hidden sugar can prove difficult.  SO many different store bought protein balls, bars, and snacks these days are unfortunately a marketing ploy. Preying on those that simply read the word ‘protein’ and buy without checking the other nutritional values. You could unknowingly be eating something consistently that is actually not beneficial to your body.


Sometime referred to as protein bites or energy bites. We like to call ours Protein balls. Our chocolate, protein rich balls are made with the finest quality ingredients and the cocoa and chocolate that we select for our protein balls is absolutely no exception. Hand rolled into a 12.5g circle of deliciousness, they are the perfect guilt free snack that have antioxidant properties thanks to the high-quality chocolate and cocoa in our delicious recipe.

With a high protein content in each ball, these are the perfect addition to your diet, they have good carbs, healthy fats (yes fats can be good), dates, and are packed full of fibre to improve your gut health.

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Food Impacts Mood

There are so many studies that have found strong links between a diet high in refined sugars and depression, this worries us so much, so we want to change this. You can still enjoy the snacks you love, the same taste, just without all the nasties.


No Refined Sugars

100 % Natural

High In Protein

Gut Friendly


easy chocolate protein balls

So they make for a good snack?

They are the perfect on-the-go snack to add into your diet and macro-friendly; nutritionally balanced. Giving you exactly what you need to beat a craving or to fuel your performance in the gym. Their versatility is incredible and it helps that they are delicious. We have chocolate raspberry protein balls, blended with almonds (very good for you!) and strawberry and coconut protein balls, that we are told by our customers rating them so far say that they taste just like Jammie joeys – but our recipe just hold the junk and the guilt!

In everyday life, there are so many situations that you want a sugar boost for. Something to get you through. Choose natural sugars, our products are perfect before or after the gym, and as snacks in the office when a craving hits or energy levels are low – we will get you through!

If you are looking for a premium protein snack to help you on your quest for overall improved health, then your search is over, our protein balls come in the perfect 50g serving size, so you just grab and go!

           We Use Premium Products

         Improve Performance

         Increase Productivity

         Boost Brain Power


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The Ingredients We Use

The Ingredients We Use

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