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Protein Balls

Healthy and delicious!

Chocolate. YUM. Raspberries. YUM. But chocolate and raspberry paired together? A mind-altering powerful force that makes the taste buds pop. If you have been searching for a healthy snack that is delicious then you are in the right place, our chocolate raspberry protein balls really are something else – more than just your typical protein ball.

A lot of people naturally associate protein balls with the gym, which, to be fair, they are most commonly associated, but protein bites or protein balls, whatever you want to call them, are a versatile snack that not only tastes delicious but are also beneficial to your body.

Packing quite the punch our perfectly rolled 25g balls have not only a high protein content, but are packed full gut friendly nutritional content like good carbs, good fats, fruits that give natural sweetness and of course gut health’s favourite friend – fibre.



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Food Impacts Mood

Mental health is something that personally relates to us, with it directly impacting us at certain stages of life. It continues to affect members of our families, that is what drives us each and every day to get the word out and change as many peoples snacking habits as possible. Refined sugars in particular are linked directly to depression, so with intense research, we have developed our range of snacks.


No Refined Sugars

100 % Natural

High In Protein

Gut Friendly


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Are Raspberry Chocolate Protein Balls Healthy?

Protein balls, even our amazing chocolate raspberry protein balls, are healthy yes – but they are not a totally virtuous snack. They give your body what it needs to function at its best, but they are to be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet.

They provide an energy boost while beating a craving. They can help you gain mental clarity through nutrition. Chances are if you’re reading this you know a thing or two about the humble protein ball, bursting with raspberries, particularly our chocolate raspberry protein balls, these are a delightfully sweet snack you can enjoy.

Protein balls are great for an active lifestyle, as substitutes to chocolate bars, and just a generally all round great snack to have stowed in your bag in case of emergency. They are great for weight loss and we think you will see improvements all round adding these delicious snacks to your diet.

Thanks to these delicious balls, chocolate can be enjoyed more freely as part of a balanced diet.

    Who Makes Each Protein Ball?

    We have an ex- fine dining chef behind the scenes in Benergy Nutrition who genuinely has a great love for food and a focus on mental health. Our main goal when beginning this journey was to bring across the pastry knowledge of fine dining and pair that with a passion for health and wellness.

    What this combination brings is healthy, great tasting products that are beneficial to your body. We genuinely care about leading a healthy lifestyle and will never use any nasties in our products. Free from butter, free from sugar, and 100% plant based, our high protein, nutrient packed recipes are the perfect addition to your diet.

    Are These Considered Clean Snacks?

    Clean Snacks are snacks that have no added nasties, that provide a benefit to your body. Toward the bottom of this page, there are links to our blogs, our blogs explain each of our ingredients and the benefits that they have to the function of the body. But a quick summary for you while your here:

               We Use Premium Products

             Improve Performance

             Increase Productivity

             Boost Brain Power

             BE YOUR BEST SELF!

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    The Benefits Of Raspberries And Chocolate

    Why Do We Put Raspberries In Our Recipes?

    Can ward off numerous health issues

    Support optimum brain function

    Low in Sugar

    High in Fibre


    Why Do We Use Cocoa In Our Balls?

    Rich in Minerals – Manesium, zinc & Iron

    Low in Fat and Sugar

    Intense rich flavour


    Read Our Blog On The Ingredients We Use

    The Ingredients We Use

    The Ingredients We Use

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