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The Power Of Coconut and Dates

Coconut is an ingredient that we absolutely love to use in our healthy snacks. Our coconut protein balls are the perfect blend of coconut, oats, dates, and strawberries for natural sweetness. Jam-packed with amazing flavours – our customers tell us that they taste like Jammie Joeys.


Coconut alone boasts so many great health benefits. Coconut is high in magnesium, essential for bone health and for the metabolism of carbs, proteins, and cholesterol.


Protein Balls are the perfect, whole food snack that is great, not only as a pre/post-workout snack but also as an office snack for an emergency energy boost. Snacks can help you beat cravings and assist you in maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

The coconut we use in our protein balls is premium and adding these delightful little vitamin packed strawberry and coconut protein balls to your diet is a great way to stay on track.

Are Coconut Protein Balls A Healthy Snack?

Largely they are, but some are not and it’s good to know what to look out for. A lot of businesses focus on profit, and what does this mean in the health food industry? It means there is a focus on longevity. There are many options out there that are packed full of ‘nasties’ that make them last longer. They are healthy but go for the fresh options, packed full of the nuts and fruit in their prime to give yourself the ultimate benefits.

Flavour is often something that takes a hit in certain store-bought options available. We source the very best ingredients, always fresh. We blend those perfectly into our healthy, high protein snacks in the UK and Ireland wide.


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Food Impacts Mood

Studies have found that there is a direct correlation between food and your mental health, particularly between refined sugars and depression. Both having suffered from mental health ourselves at different stages, we created these snacks and our goal is to change the snacking habits of as many people as possible while educating people as well.


No Refined Sugars

100 % Natural

High In Protein

Gut Friendly

We are not just another nutrition company focusing on the external results, everything starts from the inside. Get your mind in order and the rest will follow


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           We Use Premium Products

         Improve Performance

Increase Productivity

Boost Brain Power


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Where Did Protein Balls Come From?

Protein balls have taken the entire world by storm. Available in pretty much every country, but the dilemma is that not all protein balls are healthy. A lot of the time they are a marketing ploy and by the company’s simply writing protein on them, people forget to look at the back of the packet at what they are putting in. Often packed with preservatives and other nasties.

Protein balls are a great snack to have to hand in case of a snacking emergency, they help beat cravings, big time! Our protein balls, all of our snacks in fact have only whole ingredients, no preservatives to extend their shelf life. Freshly made to order, you can be assured you are snacking on only the best and you will feel the results.

Do Protein Balls Improve Your Energy?

Protein balls are an excellent source of energy, they are packed with fruit, containing natural sugars, fibre, nuts for protein. They not only give an energy boost but keep you full, to make sure that when you have them as a snack, they get you through to your next meal and you avoid reaching for anything sugar and fat packed in a moment of weakness.


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