Protein Bites

The Power Protein

Protein bites are one of the healthy snacks that we have at Benergy Nutrition. Our coconut protein bites, raspberry chocolate almond protein bites and strawberry coconut flavour are so good for you and as a result, in our short time of opening, we are stocked in some of Northern Ireland’s top cafes and gyms, such as Boundary Crossfit.


Each of our carefully selected ingredients boast so many great health benefits. We make every single one of our healthy snacks and breakfast pots with mental health in mind, believing that the changes start from within – simply because they do. Mindset is everything.

easy coconut protein balls


Protein Balls are the perfect, whole food snack that is great, not only as a pre/post-workout snack but also as an office snack for an emergency energy boost. Snacks can help you beat cravings and assist you in maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

Our snacks are all packed with gut loving, brain boosting natural whole foods to give your body what it needs to function at its very best, our strawberry and coconut protein bites taste like jammie joeys – so our customers say.  It’s not about completely changing your diet and cutting out what you love, it’s making small consistent changes and our snacks really are a great way to stay on track.

Are Protein Bites A Healthy Snack?

They are yes, packed with nutrients and absolutely delicious, they are healthy, but they aren’t completely virtuous – enjoy as part of a balanced diet – like with our breakfast pots (like eating cake for breakfast, but healthy!)


Unfortunately, a lot of businesses focus on profit, and this means an extended shelf life- which means nasty chemicals that should not go into your body!! 

If you want to see results from the inside out, then you need to choose healthy whole foods, that don’t have a long shelf life, they are premium fuel for your body and will 100% get you the best results. You can freeze all of our snacks and pots for up to 6 months!!

Flavour is often something that takes a hit in certain store-bought options available. We source the very best ingredients, always fresh. We blend those perfectly into our healthy, high protein snacks in the UK and Ireland wide.


easy coconut protein balls

Food Impacts Mood

There is a direct correlation between what you put into your body and your mental health. Refined sugars being the number one suspect when it comes to depression for example and depression. We started Benergy nutrition because we suffered from mental health issues ourselves at different stages. Our snacks have been created with a passion for mental health and physical wellbeing and our goal is to change the snacking habits of as many people as possible while educating people as well.



No Refined Sugars

100 % Natural

High In Protein

Gut Friendly

We are not just another nutrition company focusing on the external results, everything starts from the inside. Get your mind in order and the rest will follow. Adapt your diet before you try the tablets is our personal belief and it worked for us!


what are coconut protein balls

           We Use Premium Products

         Improve Performance

         Increase Productivity

         Boost Brain Power


       Delivery Service

We deliver twice a week.

Monday’s and Thursdays

Temperature Controlled Transit

Which Protein Bites Are The Best?

Protein bites have taken the world by storm. One thing to always remember is that companies want to make money and marketing is king. Just because something says ‘protein’ or ‘skinny’ on it, doesn’t always mean it is good for you. Do yourself, your mind and your body a favour and turn the packet over. See what is going in, with our products, it’s ALL NATURAL!

Protein bites are a great snack to have in case an emergency snacking situation arises. Beat your cravings and stay focused – you will feel amazing! With our snacks you are getting 100% fresh, 100% natural and 0% junk every single time.

Do Protein Bites Improve Your Energy?

They are an excellent source of energy, packed with fruit, which has loads of great natural sugars, fibre, nuts for protein. They keep you full if you are struggling to make it through to dinner time as well to avoid the inevitable pit stop at a vending machine for a snickers before lunch time.

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